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Halogen Lightbulbs Ban: Everything you need to know

Landlords and agents with properties containing halogen or high-energy fluorescent lightbulbs will have to switch to LED lights when the current lightbulbs reach the end of their lifetime.

From September 2021, there will be a ban on the sale of halogen light bulbs. High-energy fluorescent bulbs will also phase out from this date before their ban in 2023. These include halogen bulbs such as kitchen spotlights and strip lights in offices that have a high energy usage. This shift to LED lightbulbs will cut around 1.26million tonnes of CO2. With LED bulbs being cheaper to run, British consumers will save around £75 a year on their energy bills.

The labels on the lightbulb’s packaging will also change and the energy efficiency scale will change to be less confusing. It will use the A-G scale that you will be familiar with from energy performance rating scales. For landlords and agents, this means that they will need to begin to replace bulbs with LED alternatives.

There will also be a ban on lighting fixtures where bulbs are thrown away as opposed to being replaced. This may be an issue for landlords who planned to replace fixtures and they may need to do more research into LED alternatives that they can use.

The cost of LED bulbs is slightly higher than halogen. However, they will save tenants money on bills and will increase the energy performance rating of your property. This in turn will make it more desirable for prospective tenants. It will also help to boost your property to a rating of C on the EPC scale by the government deadline of 2025.