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Our Story

Property management is the core of our business, however, we really view ourselves as an asset management company in light of the significant value of the properties that are placed in our care.

Our philosophy is to offer a high-level customer service and show transparency with our tenants, as this ensures that the assets we manage are well looked after by those making their homes within them.

This philosophy allows us to offer an ethically minded service to our tenants whilst ensuring that our landlords have some of the best maintained rental properties in Bristol.

Following consistent and significant growth since our incorporation, in March 2018 we acquired the portfolio of Ruben Property, established in the 1980’s by Ben Dembo a well-known figure in Bristol property.

Temple Homes is now in a position loaded with potential, we have a large portfolio of homes across all areas of Bristol and a growing reputation in the city. If you would like any further information on our growing business you are more than welcome to come and visit us at our home on Picton Street in Montpelier.